Friday, February 11, 2011

One more thing!

I guess I'm going to use this as an outlet to talk about the musicians and bands that have influenced me as an... "artist" and music that I enjoy in general whether it has any overly obvious effect on my "art."  Anyways, first things first if you want to know about me, you gotta know about my friends:

favorite guitarists: 1.Jack White 2. Isaac Brock 3. Dan Auerbach 4. Brian Setzer and 5. Dexter Romweber

favorite songwriters: 1. Jack White 2. Daniel Johnston 3. M. Ward 4. Conor Oberst 5. Jeff Tweedy

and yes those are in a very specific order, and I could talk myself silly about each of the aspects of their music. but thats not what I'm going to do, maybe at some other date. anyways, I guess I'll post a list of the songs The Uglyheads likes to cover during practice:

Thunderbird ESQ - the gories
Can't catch up with you - the gories
Sister Ann - the gories
Nitroglycerin - the gories
Goin' to the river - the gories
Sovereignty flight - the gories
To Go home - (we cover the M. ward cover of Daniel Johnston)
Ten A.M. Automatic - the black keys
Fell in love with a girl - white stripes
Screwdriver - white stripes
Just Like Heaven - the cure
Goodnight Irene - (folk standard) deertick
California Sun - the ramones
I don't care if the sun don't shine - Elvis Presley
To Ramona - Bob dylan
Strange things happenin' everyday - sister rossetta tharpe
Stealin' Stealin' - Memphis jug band
Stray Cat Strut - stray cats
Shit luck - Modest Mouse

Now thats a pretty extensive playlist, would make a good mix tape if i say so myself...

and some more M. ward for good measure

Note: quotations denote massive sarcasm. I don't think of myself as a creative person at all.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I totally forgot! This blog is about my fictional band "The Uglyheads." We're a down 'n' dirty garage rock band consisting of Me (on vocals and guitar), Adam (on guitar) and Allyson (Percussion). Think the White Stripes meets the Gories meets Daniel Johnston, except we all suck.
And this is our first song, it goes like this:

4/4 time, G# B F# E

Oh Loud Luanne, I wanna be your man.
I'll take you places that you've never been.
We're On our way to the Promised Land.
Loud Luanne, won't you take my hand?

You make me feel just like a king.
I've been poisoned by your scorpion sting
Touch me baby, I'm a solid thing.
When we're makin' love, you're makin' my ears ring.

F# G#

Don't throw this away now Honey
Don't throw it away.
Don't throw this away now baby
Don't throw it away, Oh loud luanne
I wanna be your man, oh Loud Luanne!

We can go away on a holiday
Stay together till we fade away
Loud Luanne I want you hear to stay
oh Loud Luanne I want you hear to stay

Say my name Say my name Say my name
Say my name, oh won't you say it again

Say my name Say my name Say my name

Say my name, oh won't you say it again


Just Press Play

Wow guys!
It's so great to be here on blogger making blogs about the things I love. This is like a big DREAM COME TRUE. I can't believe I get to post my opinions on the internet. What will Youtube do without me?