Friday, February 11, 2011

One more thing!

I guess I'm going to use this as an outlet to talk about the musicians and bands that have influenced me as an... "artist" and music that I enjoy in general whether it has any overly obvious effect on my "art."  Anyways, first things first if you want to know about me, you gotta know about my friends:

favorite guitarists: 1.Jack White 2. Isaac Brock 3. Dan Auerbach 4. Brian Setzer and 5. Dexter Romweber

favorite songwriters: 1. Jack White 2. Daniel Johnston 3. M. Ward 4. Conor Oberst 5. Jeff Tweedy

and yes those are in a very specific order, and I could talk myself silly about each of the aspects of their music. but thats not what I'm going to do, maybe at some other date. anyways, I guess I'll post a list of the songs The Uglyheads likes to cover during practice:

Thunderbird ESQ - the gories
Can't catch up with you - the gories
Sister Ann - the gories
Nitroglycerin - the gories
Goin' to the river - the gories
Sovereignty flight - the gories
To Go home - (we cover the M. ward cover of Daniel Johnston)
Ten A.M. Automatic - the black keys
Fell in love with a girl - white stripes
Screwdriver - white stripes
Just Like Heaven - the cure
Goodnight Irene - (folk standard) deertick
California Sun - the ramones
I don't care if the sun don't shine - Elvis Presley
To Ramona - Bob dylan
Strange things happenin' everyday - sister rossetta tharpe
Stealin' Stealin' - Memphis jug band
Stray Cat Strut - stray cats
Shit luck - Modest Mouse

Now thats a pretty extensive playlist, would make a good mix tape if i say so myself...

and some more M. ward for good measure

Note: quotations denote massive sarcasm. I don't think of myself as a creative person at all.


  1. heh, sounds cool :D


    I'm over at if you feel like stopping by. :D

  2. You've got some quality influences listed there.


  3. Very Chill music! Following!!!